The Company

It was the year 1913…

Founded en 1913

by Albino Chiesa, the company’s activities were continued by his children and grandchildren, who managed to further its growth.

The current production site, inaugurated in 1989, is a modern establishment that combines the technology of the equipment and systems with the experience of the workmanship handed down through the generations.

The company’s objective has always been quality, hence the constant search for base ingredients selected to achieve elevated production results.

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100 years old but we don’t look our age!

With over a century of history, the Salumificio is located in the hinterland of Finale Ligure on the slopes of Rocca di Perti, a territory rich in food and wine traditions.

Valgelata is home to the establishment, with the name of the area harking back to the temperature excursion between night and day that offers a particularly favourable microclimate for cured meat production.

The company’s artisanal vocation is testified by the IFS Food certification obtained in 2018. Many processes are still completed by hand so that the salting, massaging and forming of the meat is completed using traditional methods and in compliance with current norms and modern standards.

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